Project Management

Project Management Methodology

The AIS Project Management Processes have evolved for 3 key reasons. First, through listening to customer and internal stakeholders to address a series of pain points, with similar roots, our organizational structure and responsibilities, based on many conversations over the last year and patterns identified among them. Second, to facilitate significant company growth, by increasing top-line capacity, increasing the bottom-line through efficiency, with the ability to scale head count internally. Third, to encourage personal growth and employee retention through additional roles and paths to leadership at AIS.

PMO Structure

  1. creates accountability for different roles in the PMO
  2. facilitates the best use of each PMO Member’s time.
  3. creates an effective escalation for all PMO staff.
  4. creates personal growth opportunities for PMO members and techs looking to grow into management roles.

Reporting and Documentation

  1. With PMO standardization, reporting, notifications, etc, became more consistent.
  2. Audits on documentation for reports, notification triggers, and SOW Templates are implemented to ensure a positive customer experience and keep internal documentation up to date.


Project / Integration Work is defined as any service designed to add or increase functionality or capacity; in other words, any work that is not related to the support of existing systems or persons. Projects are outside the scope of this proposal and as such will be quoted and proposed separately. Project / Integration work will be identified during strategic planning sessions.