SOW Process

AIS/CDW SOW Process Overview

  • Call with the customer to understand needs
  • AIS Channel Account Manager writes the PSOW
  • CDW AM marks up the PSOW to include their pricing
  • Review the PSOW with the markup with the customer
  • AIS Channel Account Manager makes all edits to her PSOW with the client pricing
  • Client approves edits on the PSOW with the client pricing
  • AIS Channel Account Manager sends the PSOW, with the client edits and AIS pricing to CDW to CDW AM
  • CDW AM submits the SOW into Agiloft
  • Customer receives their CSOW and signs
  • AIS Channel Account Manager receives the PSOW and signs
  • Since I can’t redline this doc if we don’t fix the redlines above or if we have multiple drafts in Agiloft it ties up the system
  • I have to email the contract specialist and they have to cancel the CSOW sent to the customer, make the changes and send a new CSOW to the customer to sign
  • EDC is created
  • Quote/Order Placed
  • AIS receives PO
  • AIS schedules kick off call