Verifying Archiver Synchronicity

  1. Find the server that has Synchronicity installed.

  2. Right Click the Icon in the system tray.

  3. Click “Create Synchronicity”.

  4. Verify the logs show things are working.

  5. Verify the drive maps are working.

  6. Verify there is enough free space in the backup location. Synchronicity Create Synchronicity Archiver

  7. The final step is verify that the .mirror file that is created for the backups has the correct serial number.

    • Note: When Archivers are replaced with new devices, this file doesn’t always get updated, if the device is rebooted, the backups will fail.
  8. Browse to the backup file share.

  9. Make sure you can view hidden files and open the .mirror file in Notepad.

  10. Verify the serial number is the same as the Barracuda Archiver, if not change it. Do not include the BAR-MA before the number.