How to set up/check SMPT Alerts

Note: You may or may not need to create Exchange Contacts, a Receiver Connector, make a firewall change, etc. This depends on the specifics of the site.

Email Preferences

Checking/Creating Archiver backups

There are three options used for backing up an Archiver:

  1. Backups - used to create a onetime snapshot of the Archiver data
  2. Storage Manager – used to create a live mirror of old and real time Archiver data.
  3. Synchronicity - Is a third party application used to create a mirror if there is not enough hard drive space for the storage manger. if you don’t see a backup in Storage Manger beyond the internal storage, the Synchronicity application is being used.


  1. Create a share (“Archiver”) on a Windows system to be used for backups. It is best to use a BDR or MSA system if available. Use best practice security standards when creating the share and NTFS permissions.
  2. Enter the information needed to connect to the share and select “add”.
  3. In a couple minutes, under DEFAULT (GROUP #0), the share will be listed. Green, all is good, Red, something is wrong.
  4. Change the STATE of the new mirror to “Online”. The Archiver will start syncing data. This can take hours.