Restoring Files from BDR


  1. Log into Continuum portal.
  2. Navigate to BDR section: BDR Section
  3. Select the site with the radial button, on the left and click “Connect to Appliance”: Connect to Appliance
  4. The “Connect to the Appliance” screen appears with usable temporary credentials. Temp Credentials
  5. After you log on, you will see the BDR portal and be able to control the site’s local BDR using this portal. From this interface, you can select the server in question.Server Selection
  6. Select the radial button next to the machine and then the “Open Recovery Points” option will enable. Select “Open Recovery Points.” Open Recovery Points
  7. Here you need the Encryption pass for the disk safe containing the backup data. Encryption Passphrase
  8. Here on the ‘Recovery Points’ page is the list of all the daily captured recovery snapshots. To recover a given day, review the “Created On” date, click on the Gear under “Action,” and select your Action for the given day. Recovery Points Gear
  9. This will bring up the context menu for “Actions”, and you should only be concerned with “Browse”. Recovery Points Browse
  10. This mounts the snapshot of the machine and you can then browse the contents of the Hard Drives for the machine/date you previously chose.
  11. To Navigate the Recovery Points, you can double click the hyperlinked drive letters. This will move you from the root drive to the subfolders. Hyperlinked Letter
  12. Once you have browsed to the directory needed, you will find the files to restore (or directory, in case of multiple files) and you can choose the Recovery Action. Circled in red. File Restore Locate
  13. On the restore menu, you now have options for the restore task. Leave everything default, except choose an alternate location, circled in RED. Whatever name you choose for your folder, the folder will get created on the server as part of the restore task. When ready, click “Restore”, bottom right. Alternate Location
  14. The Task will begin, and you will get a progress screen as seen here. Running Files Restore
  15. When the task completes, properly you will see it in the summary. Success Files Restore