Restoring Data in eFolder

  1. Go to
  2. Up at the top of the site go to the “Support” menu, and select “Download Software”.
  3. From there, select 64bit, checkmark that you agree, and click “Download”.
  4. The download can now be run and installed. Find it in your downloads folder and install it with defaults.
  5. Locate the program in your start menu.
  6. To begin, enter the username from the portal and the password.
  7. To restore data from the given account, select “Restore Data”.
  8. Select the Directories and file to Restore.
  9. On the next screen, choose “Location to place restored folders and files”.
  10. Version Control should most always be “Most recent”.
  11. The backup app will create your directory for the location of the restore. On the pop-up, click “Yes”.
  12. Enter the encryption pass.
  13. On the “Restore Data: Confirm Information” page,verify your restore job before proceeding. Select “Restore >”.
  14. The Operation Complete screen summarizes the restore and signifies completion.