Removing Data from eFolder

  1. Go to
  2. Up at the top of the site go to the “Support” menu, and select “Download Software”.
  3. From there, select 64bit, checkmark that you agree, and click “Download”.
  4. The download can now be run and installed. Find it in your downloads folder and install it with defaults.
  5. Locate the program in your start menu.
  6. To begin, enter the username from the portal and the password.
  7. To delete data from the given account, select “Destroy Data”.
  8. Select “Destroy all data”. This will remove everything.
  9. In the next window checkmark everything manually and select “Next”.
  10. The next screen confirms everything you are about to ‘Destroy’. Click “Destroy >”.
  11. You must let this process run from your PC until complete. Minimize and monitor.
    • Note: This step can take minutes or hours depending on the amount to destroy.
  12. When the process is done it will give you a summary. Occasionally there are errors, but they can be ignored.
  13. Click exit.