BDR Agent Setup

Installing the Agent on the server so it communicates with the BDR

  1. Go to the BDR main page and find the Setup drop-down in the left Navigation window. Expand it and click “Download Software”.
  2. Look for the “Backup Agent for Windows” and choose 32 or 64 based on the server.
  3. Find your download and run it. Everything is default. No prompts should occur until it asks for a reboot.
  4. After the reboot, make a Windows Firewall exception.
    • Open the control panel > Windows Defender Firewall and make the exception.
    • Click “Allow an app or feature through…” and on the next page, click “Allow another app…”
    • On the next page, click “Browse…” This will let you select the cdp.exe app to allow it through the firewall.
    • Locate the cdp.exe in program files.
    • Click “Open”.
    • Click “Add” to finalize your selected app.
  5. Make the exception on all firewall profiles.
  6. Select the checkmark on all possible profiles.