Adding Servers to BDR for Backup

After the BDR is built, make sure the Agent PC and the BDR are communicating on the network. You can then open the BDR portal and log on to the BDR using the credentials created during the BDR creation.

  1. Once Logged in, start in the dashboard view and click “+ New Machine”.

  2. Fill in the fields appropriately.

    • Machine Name and IP will be unique.
    • Port = default
    • Select Volume = default
    • Change the retention policy to daily and space out the backups during the late evening/early morning.
    • Set the retention policy, typically not more than six months.
    • Enter the encryption pass, almost always “the wolf pack” pass.
    • Check the “I Acknowledge” box.
    • Un-check “Deploy Agent software now”.
  3. The backup agent should be installed manually and done before continuing.

  4. Go to Protected machines in the left navigation pane and select the machine you wish to get backed up, then click the gear beneath “Actions”.

  5. Choose “Edit Disk Safe”.

  6. As long as the Agent has been installed and configured, you can proceed.

  7. Select the “Data Settings” Tab.

  8. Click “Send Key to Agent”. This sends the server key.

  9. Click “OK” and save.

  10. If the backup agent can connect to the server to setup the key, you can copy the text from Advanced Options > Public Key and paste it.

  11. After installing the agent, make sure you make an application firewall exception in windows for the cdp.exe app in the backup agent program folder.

  12. In order to set up the agent, launch the Backup Agent Config and select Authorized Server Backup Managers.

  13. Click “Add” to create the Installed key.

  14. Fill in the keys:

    • File Name = sbm.key
    • Protocil = HTTPS://
    • Idera Server Backup Manager = BDR IP
  15. Click “Ok”.