Accessing IPMI on BDRs or Other Supermicro Machines

Once IPMI is setup in the BIOS and you can connect to the web interface at HTTPS://(IP address) You can use software to connect to the console instead. The Console function relies on old Java/browser combo and for a better/preferred method of management, you can connect instead using the IPMIView application.

App link:

  • Installation is standard. Defaults all the way through the process.

After launching the app, you need to setup an IPMI connection.

  1. Go to File > New… > System
  2. Add the IP address of the IPMI interface and Machine Name.
  3. Once it is added, it will appear in the left navigation menu as you named it. Double click to launch.
  4. If it connects, it will prompt you with the logon page. Most of the time ADMIN/ADMIN are the credentials.
  5. Once logged in successfully, you will see “connected”. Then you can click “KVM console” bottom right. This will take you to the terminal/console.