IT Assessments

Professional Services – Assessments and Planning

How healthy is your overall network? How old is your equipment? On a regular basis, we’ll generate reports on the state of your systems, letting you know of any potential problems that fall outside safe parameters of our managed IT services. With these comprehensive assessments, you’ll always have the best information for choosing your most effective options.

We continually build intelligence into our remote monitoring software by documenting the resolution to thousands of issues and incorporating them back into our software. Our expert technicians work around the clock to ensure your systems not only remain healthy, but also optimized for performance. Rest assured, our team is equipped to handle even the most complex and difficult problems.

Creating a IT budget, along with long term planning, will help keep your costs in check. Knowing the typical lifespan of certain types of equipment can help you see a better long term picture and predict future costs.

Quarterly Business Reviews: As a Managed Services client of AIS, you will receive a Quarterly Business Review to provide a snapshot of the last 3 months. In this review, we will discuss the action items from the previous quarter and create a new goal for the following 3 months. This way we are always working to improve your environment and the level of service you receive.

Annual Security Assessments: A lot can change in a year. So much so, that we recommend doing an Annual Security Assessment to ensure both you and AIS have a detailed understanding of your security risks.

CTO Services: Planning and Budgeting for IT expenses can get very confusing. Depending on your source of information, you can be overspending trying to change the idea of a perfect plan and protection for your environment. This is why AIS will work with you to provide a detailed multi-year plan.

Productivity, efficiency, and your company image are all things we keep in mind when putting your plan together. One of the many things that gets missed when planning a budget is knowing when to replace something vs having a reserve for when it finally breaks. CTO level planning for IT related costs is very crucial and requires years of experience and knowledge of today’s world of IT.

Comprehensive IT Assessment Overview

  • Gather input from department managers
  • Review all IT systems for inventory, security, backup, and reliability purposes
  • Review IT policies and procedures, disaster recovery plan and make recommendations
  • Evaluate overall efficiency of IT system design and workflow
  • Identify and prioritize critical areas of concern and recommended improvements
  • Provide budgetary estimates and solution planning for execution of recommendations
  • Prepare a comprehensive report of findings and meet with key school staff to document and plan strategy