Windows VPN Client - Config File Import

The following steps will only need to be performed one-time per computer

Install VPN Client

  • Download the Softether VPN Client through this download link
  • After the download completes, follow the installation instructions, Clicking the Next button until installation completes.

Configure VPN Client

  • Open the VPN Application by clicking the SoftEther VPN Client icon on your Desktop or Start Menu
  • Click Add VPN connection
  • When asked to create a Virtual Network Adapter, click Yes. When prompted for a name, type VPN. Note: it will take a few moments to create the Tunnel Adapter.

Configure VPN Connection - Config File Import

  • If you were given a VPN Configration File. You can automatically configure a new connection by importing that file into SoftEther.
  • Right-Click “Add VPN Configuration”, then select “Import VPN Connection Setting” from the drop down menu.
  • Navigate to where the VPN Configuration file is saved on your computer, then slect and open the file.
  • You’ll see the New VPN Connection under “Add VPN Connection”
  • Right click the New VPN Connection and click “Connect” form the drop down menu
  • Enter your credentials to connect.
  • Example screenshot below

Example VPN Connection Settings

Accessing your Desktop Remotely

  • On your Windows computer, click the Start menu (Or Windows Search Bar on Windows 10)
  • Type mstsc then enter
  • In the text box labeled Computer: type your computer name (This can be provided to you by AIS or your System Administrator)
  • Click the Show Options drop-down menu
  • Click the Save As button
  • Change the Filename to Office Remote Desktop
  • On the left hand side of the file window, find the folder labeled “Desktop” and double click it to choose the save destination. Click Save.
  • A shortcut to your Remote Desktop connection will now be saved on your Desktop. You can double click it to connect.

After the above steps are performed the first time. Simply connect to the VPN, then click the Remote Desktop connection.