SoftEther VPN End User Configuration

End User VPN Instructions

  1. Download client:
  2. Follow the install instructions and keep hitting next until installation completes.
  3. Launch SoftEtherVPN client.
  4. Click “Add VPN connection”.
  5. It will ask you to create a tunnel adapter, click “yes”. You can name it anything you like but there cannot be spaces. Once you hit next it will take a few moments to create a Network adapter.
  6. Once it creates, click the “Add VPN” again.
  7. The “New VPN Connection Setting Properties” screen will pop up.
  8. Enter Setting Name: VPN
  9. Under “Destination VPN Server”, enter the Hostname:
  10. Port Number: leave as 443
  11. under the “User Authentication Setting', use the same username and password as when you log on to the Server.
  12. Leave all other settings
  13. Click “OK” at the bottom of the screen
  14. Right click on “VPN” and click “Connect”.